Everyone is unique. 

I believe that every supportive health choice is best attained through a personal, holistic approach. My breakthrough coaching and counselling tailors to your personal circumstances, values, and beliefs. We will customize your program together to achieve the goals you desire, which could include but is not limited to any of the below:

motivation & goal setting
achieving balance & creating harmony
addressing fears & improving quality of life
creating a work / life balance & reducing stress
feeling supported in grief/loss & renewing your life vision
coming to terms with new realities & drawing on resources within

Coaching Services


Chemistry Call
Compatibility is important to your success. This complimentary 15-minute call helps to determine our compatibility to ensure the success you desire.

Session Length
Sessions run between 45 to 90 minutes as we both decide when you have received the adequate depth of support and learning for each session.

It is my vision that everyone be able to afford the support they deserve. It is my mission to offer this service on a sliding scale which will be determined together, on the Chemistry Call.


This 3-hour program will uncover your answers to help you clearly define what choices best serve your life direction.

What is my life purpose?   
What are my strengths and gifts? 
How will I utilize these gifts to live my best life?

This is valuable information for anyone who is unsure about their purposeful and passionate life direction. Living and working with your strengths are not only a gift you give to others but also to yourself.

$195.00 per program


Coaching sessions are held in-person, via Skype or by phone