To her network of colleagues in the supporting field, Lorraine is known as “The Breakthrough Coach.”  For over 15 years, Lorraine has supported individuals from all walks of life to find their way to the other side of issues that have held them back from their highest potential.

Lorraine’s vision, mission and passion is to offer unique tools and skills to help navigate through life’s challenges. Often, when we are feeling stuck we are operating from a belief system that no longer serves us and this can be a challenging place to move away from. This is where one of Lorraine’s strengths can be found; guiding individuals through the haze of feeling stuck, transitioning to a place that offers abundant opportunities and renewed clarity, in a relatively short amount of time.

Volunteering is also a significant part of Lorraine’s work as she facilitates Mental Health Resiliency Support Groups for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).  Lorraine has also volunteered with her local emergency services, Harbourlight Detox Centre in Vancouver, the Big Brothers & Big Sisters organization as well as Covenant House who provide ongoing support to youth-at-risk, aiding in their transition from tragedy to triumph. Lorraine believes that she has something to learn from every person which she carries into her practice.

Lorraine graduated from Rhodes Wellness College in 2003 with a Life Skills Coach and Counsellor Diploma designation and was awarded the Valedictorian honour which she dedicates to her passion for supporting people find their way.  Lorraine believes that learning is a life-long endevour and has earned certification in Education Assistance for children and youth with learning disabilities, Community Mental Health, SAFEtalk (suicide prevention), Sacred Gifts (Life Purpose and Passion Program) along with Aboriginal Coaching; a cultural approach.


Lorraine is an absolute angel.  The magnitude of impact that her coaching has had on my life and on my personal development is astounding. There are simply not enough words to express how truly powerful her work is.
I was referred to Lorraine by a family member many years ago, after a long struggle living with an abusive partner who was battling substance abuse. She helped me not only to better understand the clutches of addiction, but also to understand how I was feeling and what I was going through- providing me with the tools to cope and to remind me of how worthy and important I still was, despite feeling trapped and inadequate. 
Lorraine has also been a pillar for me in working through my sexual assault case. She has been able to walk me through the procedures of the justice system, what I can expect to happen in court and the feelings/emotions that come along with it all. Knowing she is by my side to support me has been a true blessing.
Her genuinely caring personality and kind, encouraging chats have always left me feeling whole and understood after every single call. She is a true representation of someone who has embodied her gifts of love, understanding and wisdom. It has been such a gift to work with her! 

Teesha S.
Regina, Saskatchewan

Speaking with Lorraine was such a blessing. I had always thought of counselling and therapy as something I would never need. Skeptical.

I was completely wrong.

After struggling with overwhelming stress and fear, caused by those I cared for abusing drugs and alcohol; I was in over my head. I didn't know how to handle it or what to do. She really helped translate what I was feeling and why. Educated me on the depths of drugs and alcohol abuse, and how to take care of myself along the way. Shift my mindset to see the positives and take in how it can make me grow. Real support in a scary situation.

Her advice and guidance taught me how to become the strongest person I could be for those who need me. How to put myself first and not get lost in the mess. I like to think of her as more of a coach. Her words are both empowering and uplifting.

Lorraine truly is an angel, with a genuinely wise and caring soul. I am so grateful I had a referral. My experience with speaking to her was sincerely wonderful. Now I am more than optimistic about my situation. Outstanding work.

Ashley N.
Calgary, Alberta

"I can't say enough about Lorraine, she is absolutely amazing at what she does. In a time when I felt very lost in life, Lorraine helped me to gain a better understanding of myself, and a better grasp on what I really needed in my life. She literally changed the way I look at relationships and helped me to discover not only what I really want, but the mistakes I repeated over and over again that was preventing me from getting it. There is just something very special about her calming voice & her supportive, understanding nature, and how she guided me to the answers I never ever knew I had within myself. She is incredibly insightful and I would recommend Lorraine to anyone who is going through a difficult time and looking for extra support."

G. M.
Calgary, Alberta

Lorraine has been coaching my daughter who has just turned 11 years old. She has always been a sensitive girl in terms of justice. She tried to be fair to people and wanted to be fairly treated by others. She has had problems with a few friends for about 2 years as she was bullied and feeling frustrated.

Lorraine helped her to get clear in understanding the situation. Sidney always felt better after coaching sessions. Lorraine has been a huge part of my family and we are blessed to have her. She is also a compassionate coach and Sidney knew it immediately. Her compassion and understanding make Sidney more open minded. I highly recommend Lorraine's coaching to any children wanting to move forward.

Sammy O.
PhD, Doctors in Natural Medicine
Vancouver, British Columbia

Lorraine has helped me through the toughest time in my life, the passing of my daughter. She has extraordinary empathy and heart while being realistic about life, expectations and goals. I recommend her if you need to balance both emotional and mental aspects of your life as she can help create actionable steps to help motivate, boost and encourage. Today, I still grieve, AND, I am now an Entrepreneur doing what I love. She has helped me embrace both the grief and business, without compromising each other.

Kim M.
Vancouver, British Columbia

I was in a pretty bad spot when my wife left me
for no real reason, I was devastated, the love I married and best friend just up and left, I was lost and didn't know what to do

I had friends who swore by Lorraine's work and kept pressing me to do some counselling. But I refused, being a male I just couldn't come to terms into seeking mental help because maybe in todays world being a male there is a status quo you need to live by which i found out to be untrue
One day a couple of months after my wife had left i broke down, and i decided to seek help
I followed my friends advice and decided to contact Lorraine.

It was one of the best moves of my life! Within 2 sessions she had me thinking in ways for myself that made me realize that it is not the end of the world. She has a way of making you think for yourself and not telling you how it is, which is probably the most important thing, as I had a pile of friends that told me that my wife leaving was the best thing but I was not thinking it for myself

After a few weeks of hard work and dedication and the help of Lorraine I was feeling better and better I even had a relapse before session 3 and literally 15 minutes into the talk I was feeling soo much better.

Again best move of my life. I'm moving on in the right direction thanks to Lorraine!

S. M.
Calgary, Alberta

I needed a breakthrough and a breakthrough is what I got. I came in not knowing how I was going to be able to overcome a huge obstacle in my life but working with you and using the tools you offered, I broke through and didn’t even realize it happened.

Lisa B.
Squamish, B.C.