To her network of colleagues in the supporting field, Lorraine is known as “The Breakthrough Coach.”  For over 15 years, Lorraine has supported individuals from all walks of life to find their way to the other side of issues that have held them back from their highest potential.

Lorraine’s vision, mission and passion is to offer unique tools and skills to help navigate through life’s challenges. Often, when we are feeling stuck we are operating from a belief system that no longer serves us and this can be a challenging place to move away from. This is where one of Lorraine’s strengths can be found; guiding individuals through the haze of feeling stuck, transitioning to a place that offers abundant opportunities and renewed clarity, in a relatively short amount of time.

Volunteering is also a significant part of Lorraine’s work as she presently facilitates Mental Health Resiliency Support Groups for the Canadian Mental Health Association as well as provides ongoing support to youth-at-risk, aiding in their transition from tragedy to triumph at the Covenant House in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Lorraine graduated from Rhodes Wellness College in 2003 with Life Skills Coach certification and Counsellor designation and was awarded with their highest peer honour which she dedicates to her passion for supporting people find their way.


Speaking with Lorraine was such a blessing. I had always thought of counseling and therapy as something I would never need. Skeptical.
I was completely wrong. 
After struggling with overwhelming stress and fear, caused by those I cared for abusing drugs and alcohol; I was in over my head. I didn't know how to handle it or what to do. She really helped translate what I was feeling and why. Educated me on the depths of drugs and alcohol abuse, and how to take care of myself along the way. Shift my mindset to see the positives and take in how it can make me grow. Real support in a scary situation.
Her advice and guidance taught me how to become the strongest person I could be for those who need me. How to put myself first and not get lost in the mess. I like to think of her as more of a coach. Her words are both empowering and uplifting.
Lorraine truly is an angel, with a genuinely wise and caring soul. I am so grateful I had a referral. My experience with speaking to her was sincerely wonderful. Now I am more than optimistic about my situation. Outstanding work.

Ashley N.
Calgary, Alberta

Lorraine has been coaching my daughter who has just turned 11 years old.  She has always been a sensitive girl in terms of justice. She tried to be fair to people and wanted to be fairly treated by others. She has had problems with a few friends for about 2 years as she was bullied and feeling frustrated.  
Lorraine helped her to get clear in understanding the situation. Sidney always felt better after coaching sessions. Lorraine has been a huge part of my family and we are blessed to have her. She is also a compassionate coach and Sidney knew it immediately.  Her compassion and understanding make Sidney more open minded.  I highly recommend Lorraine's coaching to any children wanting to move forward.  

Sammy O.
PhD, Doctors in Natural Medicine
Vancouver, British Columbia